No Bake Cookies


School was closed Tuesday through Thursday this week due to hurricane Isaac. We thank God that we saw very little of the storm; just light wind and rain. We all got a little cabin fever though so we had to think of some creative boredom busters.

This is a recipe that my Mom (and I) made when I was a child, slightly modified. The original recipe calls for coconut, but since it’s not my favorite (and I usually don’t have any on hand), I omitted it.

Since Ashton requested a snack, I put her to work…


No Bake Cookies
Makes about 30 cookies

1 stick butter, melted
1/2 cup milk
2 cups sugar

3 cups oatmeal
4 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 cup peanut butter

Add the oatmeal, cocoa powder and peanut butter to a large mixing bowl.

Place the butter, sugar, and milk in a sauce pan and bring to a rolling boil. Dump into the mixing bowl and stir well.

Drop rounded tablespoons onto wax paper and spread slightly (don’t make them too thin). Then wait for them to set (the wait is the hardest part); the time depends on the temperature, and humidity of your room. (In Wyoming the setting process was much quicker than here in Louisiana).


I’ve put them in the refrigerator to speed the process, but I don’t think they set as well (or taste as good – I think the oats need the slower setting time).

Ash measures all the ingredients for me and puts them in the bowl and saucepan. I handle the boiling and dumping of the saucepan ingredients, and mixing the hot liquid into the mixing bowl ingredients. Then I put Ash to work again scooping the cookies onto the wax paper.

We love this recipe because it’s easy and made with ingredients we have on-hand.

Ashton’s favorite part is helping with cleanup…


My favorite is the finished product (and the time spent with my kids)…


I’d love for you to share any no bake cookie recipes you have – we love quick and easy!!


About southernflaircrafts

I am a very busy wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. I work part-time in a flexible position as an Office Administrator for a financial advisory firm; I love the work I do and am especially grateful that it allows me to be a Mom first. I love to create!! Although I think my creativity was born with my first child, before children I would not have considered myself very creative. My mind is always wandering ahead to my next project, whether it's woodworking, sewing, paitning, or crafting with my kids. I also love blog-hopping (and blogging - I'm learning as I go); sometimes I see things I know I have got to make or I see a great creation and am insprired with ideas of my own. I especially like projects that rescue some treasure that would otherwise become another victim of the landfill.
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