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Here’s a peek into my creative space. This is the closet in my craft room. I’m not posting the rest of the craft room now because I’m preparing to have a garage sale next month and my craft room is stacked with junk (more than usual).

A couple years ago, I got fed up with my own projects strewn about the house (on a table in my room, the dining room table, etc), and convinced my husband to let me turn the spare room into a craft room (I needed a designated place to create). Lance wasn’t crazy about the idea, but I can be pretty convincing.

There’s A LOT of stuff hidden in the closet behind this door…


We used the file cabinet in the office of our last house.


The shelves under the counter were $15 at Walmart (not very sturdy but they serve the purpose), I had the Sterilite drawers, I purchased and cut the wood for the work surface and installed heavy duty brackets for support.




I’d made this shelf several years ago; somehow it ended up in the attic unfinished. I dusted it off, drilled holes, added cup hooks and dowels and voila – a functional ribbon station.



I made the rack for wrapping paper out of spare 1 x 2’s screwed together to form a rectangle then screwed directly into the wall (at the studs). Again, I attached cup hooks and dowels – a handy place to keep my wrapping paper. It looks kind of bare right now (looks like I need more ribbon) – during the Holidays it was full of wrapping paper.



The hanging baskets are a convenient way to keep things within reach; I keep bows in one and stamps, paper punches and scrapbook adhesive in the other.



Because I don’t like wasted space, I used the door too!! These racks are great (I use one on the pantry door for spices). This one holds odds and ends (in upcycled jars).



Did I mention there was A LOT of junk stuff in this closet?


I always admire the craft closets I see posted where everything is perfectly spaced in matching or coordinating containers. As you can see, I have big stuff stored at the top of the closet that won’t fit in the cute containers. For me my organized chaos works just fine!!

I won’t make any promises about when I’ll post the rest of my craft room… Follow my blog to receive notifications when there are new posts.

Please comment on my craft closet. I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions.


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I am a very busy wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. I work part-time in a flexible position as an Office Administrator for a financial advisory firm; I love the work I do and am especially grateful that it allows me to be a Mom first. I love to create!! Although I think my creativity was born with my first child, before children I would not have considered myself very creative. My mind is always wandering ahead to my next project, whether it's woodworking, sewing, paitning, or crafting with my kids. I also love blog-hopping (and blogging - I'm learning as I go); sometimes I see things I know I have got to make or I see a great creation and am insprired with ideas of my own. I especially like projects that rescue some treasure that would otherwise become another victim of the landfill.
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4 Responses to Craft Closet

  1. Paula says:

    I think your craft closet is great. It has me wanting to use 1/2 of the guest room closet to get all of my wrapping supplies in one place. Now for my fabric I think I am going to have to find a big old tv cabinet, also to put in the guest room (did I say I have a rather large guest room?). Thanks for sharing. Blessings Paula Lusk

    • Thanks for the comment Paula. I visited your blog – sounds like you are very busy right now. I hope you share when you get your wrapping paper organized in your guest room closet. For as long as I can remember, my Mom has had huge stashes of fabric; I think she has it pretty well organized now, but I remember MANY years ago when there were stacks and stacks in the basement. I hope you find the perfect cabinet to get yours organized – nothing like having everything handy!!!


  2. JOY says:

    Thanks for this post. You have some organization Ideas I could use, i.e. the wire mess fruit hanger. Your closet is as odd shaped as mine. enJOYing your blog so I’m your latest follower.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Yay for designated creating spaces!! Love how you have places for gift wrapping. I might have to figure something out in my craft room for what I’ve got! Thanks for your comment on my craft room! Have a great week!

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