DIY Zebra Print Party Decor

This was fun to do!! My Girls both have birthdays in the same month (16 days apart) so they agree on a theme and I decorate once. This year the winner was zebra print and pink, of course.

I love decorating for my Girls Birthdays. If you’ve read my other posts you know that I have a good friend who I usually rely on for decorating ideas (yay Nicki), but for my Girls, I put in the extra effort.

Over the next several days, I’ll post more photos, tutorials, party agendas, and other ideas. Stay tuned…


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About southernflaircrafts

I am a very busy wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. I work part-time in a flexible position as an Office Administrator for a financial advisory firm; I love the work I do and am especially grateful that it allows me to be a Mom first. I love to create!! Although I think my creativity was born with my first child, before children I would not have considered myself very creative. My mind is always wandering ahead to my next project, whether it's woodworking, sewing, paitning, or crafting with my kids. I also love blog-hopping (and blogging - I'm learning as I go); sometimes I see things I know I have got to make or I see a great creation and am insprired with ideas of my own. I especially like projects that rescue some treasure that would otherwise become another victim of the landfill.
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