A Bed For Tucker


Tucker is the smallest member of our family. He is some kind of terrier mix (a mutt) that we rescued in 2009. My husband wasn’t excited about a dog (especially a house pet), but we compromised. The Girls and I insisted that he live in the house with us; Lance agreed but we had to agree that Tucker is not allowed on the people furniture or in the bedrooms (the carpeted rooms). Since Lance won’t share our furniture, Tucker has his own bed and his own saucer chair.

For years, I’ve been working on plans (in my head) to make him a nice bed; his own little piece of furniture for the living room. More recently, I’ve been inspired by a blog I happened onto called myrepurposedlife.com (you’ve got check out this blog). Gail, of my repurposed life has some inspiring ideas; I love that she’s so creative in repurposing items, especially head and foot boards.

A few weeks back while driving, I saw a curbed headboard (and my mind went to work on how to repurpose it). I was hesitant to pick it up because I knew Lance would give me a hard time (I have a TON of craft junk stuff in my craft room and I knew that if I started bringing home garbage curbed items to stack in the garage, Lance may not be happy). I drove past it (twice) that afternoon and did not pick it up, but my mind just kept working up new ideas for how to repurpose said headboard. The next morning after dropping my oldest daughter Peyton at school, Ashton (my youngest) and I went back for the headboard (still there – guess it was meant to be). The headboard I originally saw was a queen, but there was also a twin head & foot board (in VERY rough shape) at the curb (yeah!); Ashton and I squeezed them all in the back of my vehicle.

Check out my great finds – notice the large finials that came off the queen head board (haven’t decided yet what to make with all of it). In this picture, I’ve already cut the bottoms off the twin head & footboards for Tucker’s bed.


Here’s what the footboard looked like before it was cut.


Here it is after cutting it in half. I used my miter saw to cut the posts, then I used it again to cut through the 1 x 4 to make it the length I wanted.


There’s the bed in the background as the paint was drying (I was multi-tasking).


Here’s a picture of the bed frame. The front (top of the picture) and sides are the 1 x 4 that were already attached to the headboard mitered and put together at the appropriate length. The sides are the 1 x 4 of the footboard cut down, and the back (bottom) is a 2 x 2 that I had lying around from another project, so are the diagonal supports.


As I mentioned, the head & foot boards were in pretty rough shape, I used spackle to fill some of the many holes, and my palm sander to smooth out the really rough spots. I spray-painted the frame using Rust-Oleum Painters’ Touch from The Home Depot, in Satin Expresso (I love the coverage). I learned about this paint at another great blog I stumbled on called Shanty-2-Chic (check them out); the first time I used this paint I was hooked.

For the platform, I used 1 x 4 x 6s, purchased from Lowes for $2.22 each (I needed 3). I could have used 2-1 x 4 x 8s but they wouldn’t fit in my vehicle that day.


My plan was to make the bed fit a standard-sized pillow; the pillow and case can be easily washed. The bed turned out slightly larger than I planned, so I’m going to look for a queen-size pillow (or larger pillow) instead. Tucker is perfectly happy with the old standard pillow & case that I had lying around (more stuff I kept around that we really didn’t need).


My girls were so excited for Tucker to have his new bed that we gave it to him unfinished. I like the look of the lighter wood with the darker, I think I may go back and stain the platform a light color. My original plan was to use spindles to make a back and sides for the bed. What do you think? For now, I don’t think it looks too bad (for a dog bed). I’ll post again if/when I finish it.



I had great intentions when I started my blog; my plan was to blog about everything I made. As you can see that didn’t work out too well for me (last blog post was January 2012). I’ve been making plenty of creations (can’t sit still – or my mind won’t keep still), I just don’t have roll-over minutes to get-r-done. My girls decided to play soccer this spring (started in January – finished now), then softball (started after soccer – still happening). So on top of school, tutoring, dance and Girl Scouts we’ve also spent lots of time at the ball park.

I made gifts for teachers and special mothers in my life, inspired by the blogs I listed in this post. After Mother’s Day, I’ll post pictures (don’t want to spoil any surprises)…


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About southernflaircrafts

I am a very busy wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. I work part-time in a flexible position as an Office Administrator for a financial advisory firm; I love the work I do and am especially grateful that it allows me to be a Mom first. I love to create!! Although I think my creativity was born with my first child, before children I would not have considered myself very creative. My mind is always wandering ahead to my next project, whether it's woodworking, sewing, paitning, or crafting with my kids. I also love blog-hopping (and blogging - I'm learning as I go); sometimes I see things I know I have got to make or I see a great creation and am insprired with ideas of my own. I especially like projects that rescue some treasure that would otherwise become another victim of the landfill.
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14 Responses to A Bed For Tucker

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  2. Kimberly says:

    I love it! I am hoping to do something similar for my two greyhounds! Keep up the great work!

  3. Bliss says:

    Stopping by from your feature at Roadkill Rescue. Pinned that cute little bed for Tucker too.


    • Thanks Bliss!! I just hopped over to your blog – I love it! I recognized your Rock n’ Roll Dresser from Roadkill Rescue – that was an amazing (and very clever) transformation. Reading your past blog posts will be one of my weekend projects (I don’t want to miss anything). I’m a new and inexperienced blogger so I really appreciate you stopping by. Happy Friday!!


  4. Came over from Roadkill Rescue. What a spoiled little pooch! Very cute and creative!

    – Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

    • Angela Marie – thanks for the nice comment. I saw a bedside table on your blog that you finished in black & white that I LOVE; there are also some recipes that I’m anxious to try. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. jerry says:

    i love it, what a lucky little dog.

  6. lexluther says:

    Great Idea Tammy!

  7. I saw this over at roadkillrescue and what a great idea! You pup looks so cute in his new bed 🙂 Nicely done.

  8. cassie says:

    that looks like one happy customer to me!

  9. Enda Crowdis says:

    Dog beds are specially useful for any dogs since they really love to sleep on it. my dog beds are usually made from cotton. *`:`’

    Kind regards

  10. MacCupcake says:

    Love this idea! Very inventive! Now on the lookout for a headboard/footboard set to do this!

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