Mardi Gras Wreaths


This is the first wreath I’ve ever made. I’ve seen some gorgeous wreaths that people have made and always wanted to try; I just never had.

For the past several years, I’ve left one of our Christmas trees up and traded Christmas decorations for Mardi Gras ornaments and beads. This year the trees all came down, and I decided to change-up my Mardi Gras decorations by adding a wreath.

In my mind I thought I knew what I wanted to create so I set off to Hobby Lobby, then The Paul Michael Company to load up on supplies which included a grapevine wreath, 2 rolls of geo mesh (that my friend Nicki introduced me to last year – she has a flair for decorating), gold wireshred, the letter D (for Duhon), and a few other embellishments. Then I spread my supplies all over the floor in my entry (there wasn’t room in my craft room), and got busy.

When I started trying different ideas, I realized that the grapevine wreath wasn’t going to work with the geo mesh the way I envisioned, but I very badly wanted to make the geo mesh wreath that I was seeing in my head (yes I not only see things in my head, but I also hear voices), so I needed a different frame for my wreath.

Because Hobby Lobby is a 20 minute drive (and because I was still in my pajamas), I decided to rummage through my “stuff I keep around to use for something later” stash. Of course, I found the perfect supplies; discarded stems from flowers (that I used to make hair clips, and some that Dana saved for me). I took off the outer layer to reveal the thick inner wire, twisted and wove them together (it took several to make a large circle 3-wires-thick), then wrapped with floral tape to form a frame for my wreath. Then I got busy bunching and winding the geo mesh that I secured to the frame with floral wire. I bunched and wound so much that I used 2 whole rolls. I added gold wireshred and a few gold bulbs; ta da… my first wreath.

I wish I had a better camera (just added to my wish list), because this picture doesn’t do the wreath justice. In person, you see more of the purple and gold (the green is not so prominent, and the photo doesn’t show the gold wireshred (which I love).

I’m proud of my finished wreath, but it didn’t take me long to decide that it really wasn’t the style I originally had in mind. I wanted something that showed the exposed grapevine wreath (more country as my friend Dana said). So the next day I set off to Hobby Lobby again…

Here’s my new wreath that suits my personality a little better.


I don’t have step-by-step instructions, but armed with a grapevine wreath, embellishments, floral wire and a glue gun, you can do it too!!

I glittered a wooden letter “D” that was supposed to be for my wreath, but I just couldn’t make it work; my girls love it, so I’ll find a place to use it in our Mardi Gras decorations (I’ll post later).

I had so much fun making these wreaths, I already have ideas for different themes rolling around in my head (there goes the pictures and voices again).

Happy crafting!


About southernflaircrafts

I am a very busy wife and mother of two beautiful little girls. I work part-time in a flexible position as an Office Administrator for a financial advisory firm; I love the work I do and am especially grateful that it allows me to be a Mom first. I love to create!! Although I think my creativity was born with my first child, before children I would not have considered myself very creative. My mind is always wandering ahead to my next project, whether it's woodworking, sewing, paitning, or crafting with my kids. I also love blog-hopping (and blogging - I'm learning as I go); sometimes I see things I know I have got to make or I see a great creation and am insprired with ideas of my own. I especially like projects that rescue some treasure that would otherwise become another victim of the landfill.
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