Cabinet Holiday Decor

Check out my latest rescue!!  I have been cleaning out, rearranging, and purging (unusual for me since I like to keep everything).

These little guys ended up in my donate pile…  Anyone remember these?

I’ve also been a decorating fiend!  We put our trees up mid-November and I’ve been adding some sort of Holiday decor almost every day since.  Every other room in the house is decorated – the kitchen needed some too!  

As always I challenge myself to find something creative from around the house to achieve a  unique look.  Here’s what I came up with:

I saved the paper plate holders from the donate pile and got to work.  Here’s how:

1. Spray paint the plate holders.

2. Tie bells to jute string.

3. Make burlap bows.

4. Thread organza ribbon through the wicker.

5. Hot glue everything on.  

6. Attach to the cabinets by taping (I used clear strapping tape) the organza ribbon to the inside of the cabinet. 

I like the rustic feel – they add just the right amount of Holiday cheer to the kitchen.

Do you have any unique decorating ideas to share? 

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Nativity Sign

My Mom used to set this Avon Nativity scene up in our house when I was young.  At some point when I was in my twenties she passed it on to me.  It brings back so many fond memories of the Holidays when I was young.  Through the years I’ve made many more memories setting it up with my own daughters.  

The past few years I’ve intended to make a sign to hang above the Nativity.  This year I finally got it done.  I love the reminder….Christ our Savior is born!

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Christmas Tree Box

We are in full fledge decorating mode!!  Last year we built one of these boxes out of reclaimed fencing for the living room tree; this year we decided to ditch all the tree skirts so the foyer tree got ‘boxed’ too.  

I used this pile of wood…

I measured the tree stand…(sorry about the blurry picture).

I cut 8 pieces of reclaimed fencing, 4 scrap pieces (about 1 X 1) for the corners then screwed it all together (it’s just 4 sides – no bottom). I recommend putting it together before setting up your tree – I put three sides of this together first then had to finish it under the tree (not good on the back).  

I love the boxes!!  I’ll post better pictures of the trees once they are completely decorated.  

I’m so excited for the Holidays!!!

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Life Ring Ornaments

Ashton is redecorating her room with a nautical theme & wanted her tree to match.  We still need to paint the pink wall behind the tree (can’t wait until it’s done so we can reveal – it’s my favorite room now or will be when the pink is gone).  My goal as always was to spend little to no money on her ornaments so we set out to see what we could come up with around the house.  

We found inspiration for the life ring ornaments here.

I couldn’t find any small styrofoam rings but I found some unfinished wood curtain rings in a box in my craft room – even better – they were FREE (although I’m sure I paid something for them when I bought them – probably clearance though because that’s the way I roll).

To make the ornaments, I took the hardware off the rings, painted the m white with acrylic paint, cut natural jute rope a little larger than the ring, and navy duck tape then assembled by taping the jute to the ring. 

Aren’t they so cute?  

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All the Wonderful Uses of a Junk Chair

When I first saw this lovely pile of junk, it was a chair sitting alongside the road. By the time I got it into the back of my car, it had already started falling to pieces.  Knocking it around a few times finished the job so I could fit it neatly into a box. This is what’s left; some of the pieces have already gotten new life. The spindles that supported the legs make perfect handles for wood totes.  I made a couple using the wood I rescued from the bon fire pile.  

Even the seat split into nice straight pieces.  I used a couple of those pieces for the “N” in my NOEL sign (still need to paint the sign – it’s sitting there unfinished until it tells me what color it wants to be LOL). 
My favorite is this little hanger.     I attached a few 2×2 pieces to keep it upright and give it support, painted it and attached a cast iron hook I found at Hobby Lobby.


I love lanterns!  I picked up 6 of these cream color Ikea lanterns from a Craigslist ad for about $1 each.  I used some watered down black acrylic wiped on then off to make this one a little messy.  

Do you love junk as much as I do?

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Little Lemonade Cart

Isn’t this the cutest little cart? I probably should have staged it, but it’s late & I’m too excited to share.  I have a few finishing touches to add then it will be ready to sell at the upcoming NV Dream Market.    
I absolutely LOVE building things from scraps.  With the exception of the top and the wheels, this is made entirely of scrap wood from our pump shed build.  In fact, my father-in-law thought he would be helpful and haul the scraps to the back of the property (to the bon fire pile).  WHAT?!?!?!  I surely drove myself back there, rummaged through that big heap and loaded my car.  I keep trying to tell him that I’ll use any scraps over 1″ long HAHAHA.  

I think it needs a little towel bar or hook and a chalk board sign.  What do you think?


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Custom Name Sign

This is one of my favorite projects!!  I made it for a friend who recently moved into their newly built home (my girls want to know why I didn’t make one for us).  

Since I’ve been playing with vinyl, this seemed like the perfect project.  

  I used a piece of 1×6, cut two pieces 20″ long.  Then attached them with pocket hole screws using my Kreg Jig .  The whole sign measures 11″ x 20.”

I stained the whole thing using Minwax Dark Walnut, cut stencils on the Cricut, painted the ‘C,’ once dry painted on the remain words, very lightly distressed, then sealed with several coats of Polycrilic.  

  This was a fun project – I like it when I can see them come together fairly quick.  I have orders for several more – how fun!!

Thanks for visiting!

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